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Software Innovation Principles


Designing great software takes hard work.  It is not just a matter of implementing agile methodologies with lean UX and iterating with clients until the product is a success.  It takes more than that...way more.  It takes the right business insight.

Great business insights can only come from great customer insights

Customers will never tell you directly what they need, they can only tell you what they think they want.  However, it is still a must to talk to your customers but the focus of those interviews should be to understand their goals and their motivations and observe their behaviors not listen to their feature wish list.  Armed with that customer understanding, it is possible to determine what they really need without them articulating it concretely.

designing from first principles

Designing from first principles (business goals, users/customers goals, motivations, behavior, mental model, ...) allows to create innovative blank-sheet software solutions that truly empower your clients to achieve their goals better than your competitors can, leading to significant gains in market share. The alternative is to study what the competitors are doing and outdoing them on a feature basis.  Changing the paradigm is the only way to obliterate the competition.

Some Past Projects

Wolters Kluwer

Premier provider of software, content and services to professionals in the fields of tax and accounting, financial planning and legal.



Providing the Income Tax Act online does not add enough value to tax professionals (vs a paper version) causing a decline in revenues for online subscriptions.  Find a way to provide added value for online research content and more specifically to the Income Tax Act.

Customer Insight

Tax specialists oftentimes have to re-read 5 or 6 times a section of the Income Tax Act (ITA) because the sections contain complex logic but they like the fact that they have mastered certain sections of the Act.

Business Insight

Computerize the logic of sections of the Income Tax Act while preserving the integrity of the text making for an easier way to read the ITA while offering robust logic processing that computers (contrary to humans) are very good at.


etfs/Global Excel

Travel insurance provider and claim management


medical questionnaire.jpg

etfs' Travel Insurance Sales System was well liked by etfs' own call center representatives (CSRs) but disliked by independent insurance brokers also using the same system to sell travel insurance.  Was the system really good or not?  Nobody knew, everybody had a different opinion.

Customer Insight

Customer research revealed that brokers were not well served by etfs' sales system.  Since brokers are sales professionals they do not need the guidance the sales system was providing for the CSRs who have a lot less sales experience.

Business Insight

Based on the same system, we created a different sales flow for brokers that supports their conversational way of selling allowing them to give potential buyers a general idea of the cost of insurance to entice them into a more detailed conversation and refining the quote as the broker was getting more and more information during the discussion.  Turning the sale pitch into a conversation which the broker loved.

Charles Schwab

Discount broker based in California



Although Schwab was providing more research and trading tools than their competitors, their investor clients were not experiencing this and perceived receiving a lesser value.

Customer Insight

Researched revealed that all types of investors (from fundamental to technical) do their research from an investment vehicle point of view (stocks, bonds, ...), across all types research and trading tools and they regularly come back to the site to monitor their portfolio and the investments they are following

Business Insight

Create a Monitor page which would host investment instruments followed by investors in one place and push all new research content related to the followed instruments and organize all types of research content under the instrument it is related to.

Thus eliminating searching and navigating while providing richer investment information