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Software Innovation Pitfalls

Relying On Regular Voice Of The Customer's Activities

The problem is that customers will never tell you directly what they really need, they can only tell you what they think they want. You need a different approach than relying on what they tell you.

relying on Iteration

Designing great software takes hard work.  It is not just a matter of implementing agile methodologies with lean UX and iterating with clients until the product is a success.  It takes more than that...you need to start with the right concept.

Relying on a beautiful Interface

While important, a  beautiful user interface does not guarantee a great user experience. A pretty nicely laid-out interface helps the user figure out how to locate himself with the screen he is looking at but cannot not guarantee it will help him/her achieve his/her goals.

Work examples from Past Projects

Some Personas

Some Findings from User Research

Some Paper Sketches

(not meant to be pretty just to get the solution going)

Some Pixel Sketches

Some Specs for Developers

Some Final Products Live

Some Dashboards to track usage

Some Customer Testimonials

“This is exactly what I need in class when I teach Tax law” - University Tax Law Professor
“This will revolutionize the way tax research is done” - Ontario Accounting Firm Partner
“This is SMART! What a Smart tool!! You guys are on to something!” - Accounting Firm Partner
“I like it. I love it. This is fabulous!” - Lawyer