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Software Innovation Pitfalls

Relying On Regular Voice Of The Customer's Activities

The problem is that customers will never tell you directly what they really need, they can only tell you what they think they want. You need a different approach than relying on what they tell you.

relying on Iteration

Designing great software takes hard work.  It is not just a matter of implementing agile methodologies with lean UX and iterating with clients until the product is a success.  It takes more than that...you need to start with the right concept.

Relying on a beautiful Interface

While important, a  beautiful user interface does not guarantee a great user experience. A pretty nicely laid-out interface helps the user figure out how to locate himself with the screen he is looking at but cannot not guarantee it will help him/her achieve his/her goals.

Some Past Projects

Wolters Kluwer

Premier provider of software, content and services to professionals in the fields of tax and accounting, financial planning and legal.



Tax research content offered on Wolters Kluwer research platform does not offer enough value to customers resulting in loss of market share to competitors, some of whom are even offering some of the same content for free.

This also makes it harder to convert tax professionals over to the online research platform, the majority of whom being pretty happy with reading tax law books.


Investigate how to provide greater value for online tax content and design a new tax content solution increasing retention for current customers and being able to convert non-customers reading books to the online platform.

Customer Insight from research

Tax specialists are proud of their ability to read the law.  Whatever tool is created needs to preserve the integrity of the law so that Tax specialists can read the law when they know the section of the law while being helped by a decision tree system.when they are less familiar with the section.  


  • Creation of a decision tree tool that preserves the integrity of the law while offloading the mental work required to understand complex tax law

  • Customer testimonials

    • "This is exactly what I need in class when I teach Tax law" - University Tax Law Professor

    • "This will revolutionize the way tax research is done" - Ontario Accounting Firm Partner

    • “This is SMART! What a Smart tool!! You guys are on to something!” - Accounting Firm Partner

    • "I like it.  I love it.  This is fabulous!" - Lawyer

Non-profit Diabetes Association

Local diabetes association helping newly diabetics learn to manager their condition.


This non-profit association needed a new website to help them accomplish their goal of education.


Redesign the website.

Customer Insight from Research

Event though they both suffer from the same condition, Diabetic of Type 1 and Type 2 have diametrically opposed needs.  Since Diabetes of type 1 appears suddenly in individuals, they tend to panic and need to be explained how to manage their illness in a caring way and need to be told things will be ok.

Diabetes of type 2 appears gradually over several years.  Hence, those suffering from this condition tend to postpone taking care of their health since they won't suffer any immediate consequence if they do not.  They need realize the severity of their condition.


  • Redesign of the website
  • Rewriting of all the website copy
    • Changing the tone of the copy for Type 1 diabetics to de-dramatize their situation
    • Changing the tone of the copy for Type 2 diabetics to dramatize their situation.
  • Parent non-profit organization changed their website to adopt the philosophy of the website I designed.

etfs/Global Excel

Travel insurance provider and claim management


medical questionnaire.jpg

etfs' Travel Insurance Sales System was well liked by etfs' own call center representatives (CSRs) but disliked by independent insurance brokers also using the same system to sell travel insurance.  Was the system really good or not?  Nobody knew, everybody had a different opinion.


Investigate the needs of CSRs and insurance brokers and re-design a system that everybody would like.

Customer Insight from Research

CSRs and Insurance brokers sell the same Insurance products in dramatically different ways.  For CSRs, selling follows a straightforward unique process whereas Insurance brokers sales process is more random based on the rapport the broker has with the customer.  These 2 different sales processes need to both be supported.


  • Design of a new dual-facing sale system to cater to the incompatible needs of both CSRs and insurance brokers.
  • CSRs' manager testimonials
    • "This will speed up the training of our employees and diminish errors that they make"
  • Insurance broker testimonials
    • "This will allow me to give quotations faster without having to enter a lot of information about my clients"

Charles Schwab

Discount broker based in California



Although Schwab was providing more research and trading tools than their competitors, their investor clients were not experiencing this and perceived receiving a lesser value.

Customer Insight

Researched revealed that all types of investors (from fundamental to technical) do their research from an investment vehicle point of view (stocks, bonds, ...), across all types research and trading tools and they regularly come back to the site to monitor their portfolio and the investments they are following

Business Insight

Create a Monitor page which would host investment instruments followed by investors in one place and push all new research content related to the followed instruments and organize all types of research content under the instrument it is related to.

Thus eliminating searching and navigating while providing richer investment information

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