Tesla Model S - Next Generation Seats

At long last, Tesla Motors is bringing new seats on the Model S albeit only on the P85D for now..

When I test drove a Tesla Model S P85 this summer, I could not help but be disappointed with its back seats.  As I sat in the back, the headrests went only as high as the back of my neck.  I am 6' 1''. The Model S is sold as being able to sit 5 adults but with those tiny rear seats, the adults sitting in the back needed to be 5' 8'' or under to be safe from whiplash or safe from hitting their heads on the roof beam.

The new headrests will impact rear visibility but that is the price to pay for the beautiful roof line. What mitigates the loss of visibility is the permanent rear view camera and the Autopilot functionality with its around-the-car 360 degree sonars.

The front and back seats also seem to offer better lateral support.  The P85D passager will surely need it.

I guess it's time again for a test drive!

Compare the Next Generation seats (top picture) with the current seats.