Near perfect Amazon Customer Service Chat Session

On Dec 30th 2014 I ordered two DVD box sets and paid 3.99 each extra to get them by Jan 2nd 2014.  I only received them on Jan 5th 2015.

I contacted Amazon using chat to get reimbursed.  Much to my pleasure, the  intervention was straightforward and relatively quick.  This is what customer service should be like.


Initial Question: Hi, I ordered 2 items on Dec 30th and paid 3.99 extra per item to get them guaranteed by Jan 2nd. I just received them on the Jan 5th.

I want to be reimbursed for the extra Amazon prime one-day shipping

11:29 AM PST James(Amazon): Hello, this is James and I'll certainly help you with your concern.

I am sorry about the delay and I will surely issue the shipping refund for you.

could you help me with the order number

11:29 AM PST Pierre Roberge: Sure

ORDER # 701-99999999-999999999

11:31 AM PST James(Amazon): Thank you, please give me a few minutes

11:38 AM PST James(Amazon): Thank you for your patience Pierre, I have issued a refund and sent you and email confirmation, can you check and let me know if you received it.

11:39 AM PST Pierre Roberge: Sure

Yes I received it

Perfect, thanks a lot

11:39 AM PST James(Amazon): great

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

11:39 AM PST Pierre Roberge: No

11:39 AM PST James(Amazon): Thank you for contacting Amazon, you have a wonderful day ahead and God bless you.

11:40 AM PST Pierre Roberge: Have a good day


The only thing to improve this experience would have been if the CSR would have explained to me why I did not get it like expected but...I did not really care, I wanted to get reimbursed and this is what happened.  I am happy.