Amazon, so so experience

Amazon is known for its great user experience.  But, they are still areas that can be improved quite easily.  Here is the email I just received:

  1. My Amazon order has been cancelled, which order, what was the item, I don't remember.  I order so much stuff.
  2. Can't the order number link to my account directly for me to update the expiry date of my credit card?
  3. Couldn't you tell me that this is probably why the payment didn't go through?
  4. When I went into to look at my orders, it is not there.  Not in the Open orders, obviously and not even in the Archived orders.  And there seems to be no other category!

Of course, I had to click on the "Your Orders" button.  And click 2 other times to locate this very important order.

Free advice

Fix what I mentioned above PLUS.

The "Your Account" page could be smarter.  Right now it only shows links to several places I can go.  But why don't design it so that when I have a cancelled order, it shows the cancelled order right there on the Account page.  I won't have 35 cancelled orders, 1 or 2 at the most.  Then I could access them directly.  That would have provided a much better experience.

To extend the concept, have this front Account page show what is relevant to the customer.  If he ordered something, show it.  If he is coming back to his Account page, it is probably because he wants to check something about his order.  

Pre-emptive user experience delight customers.