Nose Cone disappears on the Tesla Model S

As I mentionned in my Oct 12th blog post, it was just a matter of time before Tesla Motors updated their Tesla Model S to get the same front end as the Tesla Model X.  And I just love it.

The nose cone looked ok but in my opinion made the car look like it had the nose of a mouse.  This "no-grille" front makes the Model S look more mature and classy.

I do not think that this new front-end will improve the aerodynamic.  It makes the nose of the car flatter which should create more drag. I think Tesla cared more about aerodynamics back when the Model S had the option to come with a 40 kWh battery pack.  Now, the minimum battery pack size being 70 kWh, Franz von Holzhausen. can optimize for beauty a little more than he could do in the past.

In addition, Tesla is also adding directional headlights with 14 directional LEDs to light the road beyond into a curve.  This is something other luxury brands had already.  Tesla is really just getting on par with them on this feature.

They are also adding the Hepa filter to keep the cabin free from viruses, bacteria, fungii and other unhealthy things you don't want to breathe.  This feature is something no other car manufacturers have and it another example of how Tesla can think outside the box better than any other carmaker, in my opinion.

Last but not least, the Tesla Model S now comes with a 48 amp charger allowing for faster recharge when connected to a wall outlet.  Charge don't change when charge from a supercharger.