Tesla Energy Indicator still does not scale properly

As I mentionned in my old post, Tesla's dashboard energy regeneration indicator does not use the same scale as the energy consumption indicator.  Even with the new revision of the dashboard that came with the Autopilot, Tesla did not fix this problem.

As you can see below, consuming 100kW or regenerating at 50kW are at the same distance from the  0 kW, giving a false impression to the driver that they are equivalent.  They are not.

This false impression can only be intentional and quite easy to defend against because Tesla can say : "It is easy to see that -50 kW and 100kW are really different quantities".  Good explanation but it does not matter, our reptilian brain will see both numbers as being the same absolute quantity.

This will give the false impression to the driver that stop-and-go traffic does not deplete the battery much because we can SEE we are putting back as much as we consume.  .